System & Service

Consulting services of the company range from business training via systemic consulting through to complementary consulting. Free from divergent approaches, the consulting process is based on a general consistent system. Its five phases form a kind of loop in the course of the entire consulting process, as well as different subtasks do within the process.

General Consulting System

In terms of various consulting approaches, there is a general system consisting of 5 phases:

Integration Contracting
Goal Attainment Performance

1. Evaluation

During the first phase the principal and/or the client and the consultant build framework conditions. These conditions are supposed to define the consulting tasks, its scope, the client's potential, as well the schedule and financial details. This stage marks opportunities and boundaries of cooperation and it influences the architecture and design of the consulting process.

2. Contracting

Contracting is about the decision for further cooperation made between the principal and/or the client and the consultant. Based on the goals and potential analysis, the client and the consultant construct and choose architecture and design of the consulting process. It comprises the choice of approaches, timing, intensity and length as well as an option of contracting out special services.

3. Performance

This phase reflects the proper process of consulting as it is actually performed at this stage. The client and the consultant work together on enhancing the set objectives and on reaching them by applying adequate and effective methods.

4. Goal Attainment

This stage means approaching the end of the performance phase. It embraces review and evaluation of the consulting process and exploring prospects for integration of the final phase.

5. Integration

The fifth phase is a kind of abandonment stage. The plans that have been developed during the consulting are now implemented by the client. This stage of the consulting process is mostly characterized by systemic consulting services that are rendered to address any unforeseen problems arising in the process of actual implementation or just to encourage the client's performance.